33 Wayward Celebrities Who Can't Stop Cheating On Their Partners

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They keep straying no matter what.

Nobody's perfect. In many romantic relationships, one partner sometimes cheats on the other, and ends up getting caught. Sometimes the couple works it out with counseling and forgiveness, but other times, it's the end of the relationship altogether. The feelings of sadness and betrayal might be overwhelming at times... but the offending party deals with the consequences, moves on, and usually, hopefully, never makes a similar mistake ever again. Maybe they swear off monogamy, or maybe they reform and change their wild ways.


Some people get caught multiple times, and end up cheating over and over again... sometimes in multiple relationships, or sometimes with one woman. Ever heard the phrase "once a cheater, always a cheater"? It might just be true... especially in these cases. And if you're already inclined toward infidelity, imagine how much more difficult you'd find it if sexy people were always throwing themselves at you constantly, especially if you have to travel and be away a lot for work in the entertainment industry! But if you want to feel bad for these stars who seem to be unable to stop themselves from cheating on their partners, please don't. Because some of these stories about these stars' serial cheating are horrifying. Imagine badly how their boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, and husbands must feel!

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