27 Star Relationships With A Huge Age Difference

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Cute... or sort of dirty-birdy?

It's pretty common in movies and TV to see older men with much younger girlfriends or spouses as part of their role, or maybe even vice versa. Sometimes the age gap between the two people is even used as a plot point, as in the case of Harold & Maude or The Graduate. The term for this age gap in a relationship is "May-December," with the older person being the "December," and it usually spans 11 years or more.

On the screen is one thing, but sometimes Hollywood stars are involved in their own May-December romances offscreen. There are those pretty well-known couples with big age gaps that are kind of sweet, like Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart or George and Amal Clooney. Others are a little more... dicey. The tabloids eat it up, and eyebrows are raised everywhere -- remember when Jerry Seinfeld dated a teenager? (He'll deny the high schooler was underage, if you ask him.) Well, Seinfeld's current wife is 23 years younger. That can't even hold a candle to Dick Van Dyke, who married a girl 46 years younger than him who could be his literal granddaughter, or Mel Gibson, who had his ninth kid with a girl 35 years his junior. Aaannd now I feel like taking a shower.

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