29 Hilariously Lame Pseudo Stars That Millennials Worship For Some Reason

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Not one of them should be famous.

In the past, entertainers became famous because they achieved something or, at the very least, had talent. Whether they turned in an Oscar-winning performance in a classic movie or recorded a hit song that reached the top of the charts, fame was clearly defined. Over the past 10 years or so, everything has become blurred thanks to the rise of reality TV and social media. Seemingly overnight, the rules changed. You no longer have to achieve anything or even be good at something -- you just need to have lots of followers on social media, and that is somehow viewed as being a "success." People like Kim Kardashian "accidentally" released adult tapes of themselves and parlayed that into a media empire for her whole family. Without warning, you could have a crying, hissy fit about Britney Spears and upload the video to become a viral sensation.

Millennials are accused of having a sense of entitlement unlike any generation that preceded them, and you just need to take a look at the people many of them consider heroes to get a sense of this. In 10 years, will any of us still be talking about PewDiePie, Zoella, DanTDM, Logan Paul, Patrick Starrr, Woah Vicky, Nikkie Tutorials or Miranda Sings? Probably not, but millennials can't get enough of people who take shortcuts to success. Why waste time climbing the ladder when you can take an elevator? Read on to find out more about these pseudo celebrities that millennials worship for some reason. Get Started