Actresses Who Were Paid Less Than Their Male Costars

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Jennifer Lawrence was not having it.

You'd think that Hollywood executives would have learned by now that it's unacceptable to pay women less money for completing the same jobs as their male counterparts, but alas. Sexism is still alive and well in Hollywood, as evidenced by the many recent reports of women who were paid less than their male costars. And this doesn't just happen in Hollywood. It also happens in virtually every other industry known to man (and woman.) But it's still pretty jarring, frustrating, and mind-blowing to find out that beautiful, Oscar-winning famous ladies are making less money than male costars who haven't done much more than memorize their lines (and who definitely haven't won Oscars.) It's even more jarring, frustrating, and mind-blowing when you consider that some of the women on this list are literally some of the most talented and famous people on this planet. And yet, Hollywood types just accept that it's "part of the biz" for women to get paid less than men for the same (and often better) work. Thankfully, though, some of the actresses on this list have bravely spoken out about the pay gap in Hollywood -- thus making it easier for women to break through in not just Hollywood, but in "normal people" industries, too. Get Started