16 Celebs Who Changed Their Appearance Right After They Got Famous

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They say money changes everything.

If you look back at old photographs of your self, I am sure you'll notice that you used to look surprisingly different. Maybe your style has changed (shout out to anyone who was punk rock or alternative in high school!), or maybe the subtle signs of aging have begun to show. For us regular folk, changes in our appearance can be traced to the passage of time or fluid trends. However, for most celebrities, well, you can kind of tell how much money they're making by how different they look. It seems almost as though when stars cross that impossible line from B to A-List, suddenly they start to look different. Money can't buy everything but it can buy you a nutritionist, personal trainer, and for some, a very talented plastic surgeon. Nevertheless, with the rigid beauty standards that permeate Hollywood, who could really blame these folks for modifying themselves? The pressure to fit into a certain box must be exhausting -- especially if your career hinges so much on what is outside rather than what is in. So don't judge these folks too harshly. While society might have an unhealthy obsession with vanity, it will never not be fascinating to examine the subtle and overt ways celebrities change their bodies in Hollywood. Get Started