21 Deleted Scenes That Would Have Ruined Movies

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Star Wars was almost a LOT different.

Sometimes, directors have to make tough decisions. While they'd probably love to include each and every scene they film for a movie, they often have to cut scenes in the name of clarity and story sense. That often means that there are deleted and alternate scenes left floating in the cinematic ether that suggest movies which might have looked differently. Sometimes, these scenes even completely change their source movies when they're viewed in context. They either drastically change a character, or completely change a movie from uplifting to devastating. And since it's equal parts disturbing and fascinating to imagine how certain movies would look with their stories or endings altered, we've helpfully compiled a list of deleted scenes that change their movies in very big ways. Folks, this list includes everything from cult classics like Clerks to less culty classics like The Bourne Identity. Ever wonder how Thelma & Louise would look without its famous ending? Wonder no longer. But we also are very glad that these scenes have been deleted, because some of them are just bonkers. Like, some are even disturbing. And why would we want Pretty Woman to be depressing? Read on to find out just how depressing it could have been. Get Started