25 People Share Their Most Embarrassing Celebrity Encounters

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Everyone has stories about embarrassing themselves. It's basically a universal part of the human condition: at some point in your life, you have eaten it, hard, and made a complete goober of yourself in front of someone you wanted to impress. You know what's even worse? When you embarrass yourself in front of one of your favorite celebrities. Maybe that's never happened to you, but it has certainly happened to a whole bunch of people, and those people have been gracious enough to share their stories on Reddit and in the Buzzfeed Community section. Like the guy who called Harrison Ford an old dude to his face, or the one who spilled basically an entire pitcher of water on Hugh Jackman, or the mom who cornered and freaked out Blake Lively in the ladies' room, or the time someone said something very mean to Billy Idol, or even the mom who got into a shouting match with Robert Redford over a soup bread bowl. Some of these may seem outlandish, but we have no problem believing every one of them happened.

Ready for some of the most hilarious and embarrassing stories of people completely blowing it in front of their favorite stars? Here are 25 of them. Get Started