19 Actors Who Permanently Damaged Their Bodies For A Role

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Wow, that really must have hurt!

We all know what sacrifices actors have to make to bring us all that entertaining content. (OK, kidding. Most of the time they're pampered and spoiled with every creature comfort under the sun.) But joking aside, sometimes the business of acting gets downright dangerous. Most actors leave the heavy lifting to their stunt doubles, but some of those nutty stars go ahead and perform their own stunts themselves, like Tom Cruise hanging from the plane in Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation and Daniel Craig chasing the guy up the crane in Casino Royale. Ladies like Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz frequently risk injury doing their own stunts, too.

Unfortunately, with these incredible stunts comes the chance actors can actually get hurt. Frequently they do. Sylvester Stallone has lost count of the times he's been injured in all of his action movies. Martial arts master Jackie Chan admits he might hear something crack during a stunt, but usually keeps on filming anyway. Thankfully these are usually minor injuries that heal quickly. Unfortunately, there are those rare times when actors suffer lasting damage from an injury sustained on the set. One actor will forever have metal plates in his face after reconstructive surgery for a horrific on-set accident. Who is he? Find out, and see which other actors risked life and limb for our entertainment -- and came away with permanent injuries. Get Started