19 Surprising Celebrities Who Became Politicians

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These 19 celebrities traded Hollywood for politics. If you're still reeling from the fact that the former host of a reality game show was elected to the Oval Office, you shouldn't be. There is a long history of entertainers trading in glitz and glamour for politics, and Donald Trump wasn't even the first president to do it. That would be Ronald Reagan, a B-movie actor who became the governor of California before being elected for two terms as president during the height of the Cold War. The Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for his tough-guy movie roles and for being a body builder, but he was elected governor of California and became the "Governator." Al Franken made us laugh on Saturday Night Live, but the disgraced senator had to resign after pictures of him pretending to grope a female soldier made us collectively groan. Roseanne Barr became a hero for the working class because of her hit sitcom, which prompted her to run for president in 2012 (she came in sixth). Other celebrities who became politicians include Jesse Ventura, Jerry Springer, Clint Eastwood, Clay Aiken, Stacey Dash, Cynthia Nixon, Fred Grandy, Sonny Bono and many more.

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