21 Stars Who Left Their Wives For Younger Women

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Can you believe some of these dudes?

Infidelity is never easy. Having to process it in the public eye only makes matters worse. To top it all off, these 21 women had to see their longtime partners ditch for the cliched younger women. In Hollywood -- and much of the rest of the world -- women are considered to be worthless when they hit a certain age. Our youth-obsessed culture is doubly worse for women who are often valued only for their looks and physical appeal. In so much of our culture, when women get old, they're no longer seen as desirable. And to make things sting even more for us regular, plebeian women, these famous men carried on affairs at the expense of some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Many of these affairs did not have happy endings -- so don't call it love. Who knows why these men decided to stray when they did but let's just say they're not very good at keeping their own secrets. Scandals with nannies, babies had in wedlock, secret pay offs, and even criminal charges (stayed tuned until the end for that one!), these men seriously blew up their marriages for short and sordid affairs with their young mistresses. Get Started