29 "Normal" Celebrities You Won't Believe Were In Cults

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Did they get out?

Do you know which of your favorite celebrities was a cult member? You may think that most celebrities are rich enough or smart enough or at least well-managed enough that they don't end up in the grasp of other people's opportunistic schemes. But actually, they're just like any other person... good enough marketing and a strong, charismatic figurehead can lead you into a cult. And sadly, when a celebrity gets involved with a cult... it just leads to more attention for the cult and actually strengthens them! Plus, cult leaders know that they should actively pursue big names and well-known people, because they will give money to the cult leader and popularize the organization. It's sort of a lose-lose situation all around.

But do you know which celebrities were actually involved in cults? The answer might surprise you. Some were born into it, so they couldn't help it... and at least they got out. Others chose to join cults as adults, but most of them eventually got out. Which ones stayed in cults until they died? Which ones are still in them? Which ones were actively involved, and which ones only had a passing connection to a specific cult member? We think you'll be shocked by the answers... and shocked to find out which celebrities still have ties to cults today. Get Started