33 Old Celebrity Headshots From Before They Were Famous

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Celebrities had awkward years too!

We're all beginners at some point in our lives. Celebrities are no exception. Sure, some of them have been acting since they were babies, but most successful entertainers can recall a time when they were new and struggling to make it. These headshots are like delightful diary entries. Many of them are from a time before social media existed, so they hadn't been plastered all over the web yet...

BUT THEN! Celebrities on Instagram and Twitter started to go buck wild, posting their old, awkward, outdated headshots using the hashtag #oldsheadshotsday. Hilarity ensued. Stars from all corners of Hollywood threw their hats in the ring and gave us these glorious gifts. Spoiler alert: The best ones are from stars who were breaking into the biz in the '90s. The fashions aren't the cool throwback fashions of today, they're the embarrassing fashions of a period of time that should probably be forgotten.

If you're a person who just likes to be mad, there's a lot of stuff to complain about, too. Some stars haven't aged a single second in 10 to 20 years. Some stars looked fantastic during their awkward phases, which is brutally unfair. There's truly something for everyone! How many did you recognize? Get Started