Then And Now: 29 Hot Daytime Soap Opera Stars From The Past

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Like sands through the hourglass...

Do you remember these 29 soap opera stars? they look different now. Soap operas have been around almost as long as television itself. Long-running daytime serials like As the World Turns, One Life to Live and The Edge of Tomorrow featured beautiful, wealthy, stylish people getting caught in absurd situations and unbelievable love triangles to the delight of homemakers across America. By the 1970s and 1980s, daytime soaps like General Hospital were pulling in huge ratings thanks to the likes of Luke and Laura, whose fairly controversial storyline and eventual wedding earned the highest ratings for daytime TV ever. It wasn't who WOULD watch that, it was who WASN'T watching that! We loved all our supercouples: Angie and Jesse Hubbard on All My Children, the first African-America supercouple; Patch and Kayla on Days of Our Lives; Eden and Cruz on Santa Barbara...

All soaps had ridiculous story lines, whether they were set in hospitals or involved extended families or took place in small towns. And why not -- the more times people come back from the dead, recover fully from an amnesia attack or time travel to other dimensions, the better! Remember when Marlena was possessed, and literally levitated off the bed? We do, too!

Some of our most beloved daytime-soap stars are still on our favorite shows, jumped to others, or left the drama behind altogether. Let's see what they are up to now, shall we? Get Started
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