The 39 Ugliest Celebs In The World

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Sadly, they were born this way.

29 of the most busted celebs you will ever see. Sometimes you just can't have it all. Even with fame, money, talent, and public adoration, you can still be left wanting more. And in the case of these 29 celebrities, that particular thing is "a face that does not make babies cry." Unfortunately, these 29 ugly famous people are just not blessed in the looks department -- and we've all noticed. In most cases, these genetically-challenged men and women have been born this way -- a sad accident in the Game of Life. But in some tragic cases, these famous people have attempted, via plastic surgery, to take a dip in the Fountain of Youth, only to immediately drown. Also, we are not predisposed to trashing conventionally unattractive people -- but, as you'll find, many people on this list totes deserve it. Plus, we're talking about famous people, y'all. If we can't find comfort in making fun of rich and famous people -- who can, lest ye forget, travel to places like the French Riviera on a whim -- then what do we have to live for? When it comes down to it, these unattractive famous people have it all. They're just missing one thing: a face that does not cause night terrors. Get Started
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