27 Celebrity Breakups We Totally Saw Coming

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We are so not surprised.

27 breakups we saw coming from a mile away. Sometimes celebrity pairings seem meant-to-be and happy as can be. We watch their trips down the red carpet, follow their Instagrams and see how they look at each other and we rest assured: romance is not dead. And then BOOM! They break up suddenly and we are all shocked. (Think: Chris Pratt and Anna Faris.)

Yeah...this is not that. This is a round-up of couples we pretty much knew were doomed from the start. Whether it was the four-week courtship, the 30-year age difference, the previous cheating scandals or one person's history of churning through romantic partners like they're Pringles, their unions made us go, "We give it six months."

When certain celeb couples split, it seems like a natural progression; a foregone conclusion. Even if they seemed happy at one point, their relationship started to show signs of strain. They attended events solo, were seen out without their wedding rings, gave unflattering interviews or their significant other was noticeably absent from their social media feeds.

Read on to find out which high-profile celebrity breakups made us go, "Yep. Saw that coming!" Get Started