23 Actors Who Cheated With Their Costars

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Life comes at you fast!

Life comes at you fast! These celebrities didn't necessarily expect to leave their spouses, but when they arrived on set, everything changed. Love is complicated and these celebrity cheating scandals prove it. Or at the very least they prove that people have some serious trouble staying monogamous. Cheating and infidelity have been around since marriage became "a thing." So naturally, some of these celebrity scandals can be traced back to Hollywood's Golden Age. I think you might find a pattern in each salacious tale: boy meets girl or girl meets boy. Boy is married. Girl is married. Boy and girl don't seem to care that much about their spouses. Boy and girl have a tumultuous affair that doesn't quite lead to happily ever after. Fear not, love isn't dead. Though they are the exceptions, some of these couples are still together, and a few have had some pretty good runs. There is more forgiveness than expected. But there's still about as much drama as you might expect from some of the wealthiest, most attractive people in the world cavorting together behind closed doors. If you live for the drama, look no further than this delicious list of celebrity rumors that just so happens to be true. Get Started