31 Shocking 2018 Breakups You Never Saw Coming

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Maybe they'll get back together...

Romantic relationships are some of the most frequently pursued types of relationships in existence. There's something special about having someone you love and cherish so very close to you. And celebrities? P'shaw, well, they just love to get into romantic relationships! I mean, they are just like us, except for having every aspect of their lives on display at all times. That doesn't sound so fun. Of course, they get millions of dollars in exchange for that, so, perhaps it's even. But as much as these celebrities like to get INTO these high-profile relationships, the truth is that they seem to get OUT of them just as fast.

Yes, sadly, many, if not most, celebrity couples end up breaking up. Who knows why? Maybe the constant spotlight on the relationship makes it more difficult. Maybe they are too invested in their own individual careers and thus forget to nourish their own relationships. Either way, if you're single, this slideshow will help you realize that maybe you are the lucky one after all. Hey, these days it's a perfectly valid life choice to stay single forever. Romantic relationships don't have to be the most important kinds of relationships! In the meantime, check out our slideshow of the saddest celebrity breakups of 2018... so far. Get Started