29 Of Hollywood's Biggest Open Secrets

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The proof is in front of our eyes!

Hollywood seems glamorous on the surface, but what's the real price of all that fame and fortune? There's a dark underbelly to Hollywood, and there's a lot of shocking behavior which industry professionals regularly ignore and just accept as part of the process. Actors, writers, and producers all talk, of course, but they rarely do anything about the sometimes terrible atrocities they hear about. (The recent #MeToo and wage gap movements are welcome exceptions in which industry members actually took initiative and directed our attention to the problems of Hollywood.) The 29+ facts on this list are surprising and occasionally awful, but all unfortunately true. In the quest to make as much money as possible, the power players of Hollywood have cut moral corners in order to succeed -- and that hasn't been healthy for anyone. Truly, success can exact an emotional toll on the key players of the movie and TV industries. Some of these facts reveal just how badly those tolls have affected people. Other facts on this list are just silly. But all of these facts are wakeup calls for anyone who thought that living and working in Hollywood was ever a fairy tale. You won't want to miss #27! Get Started