You Won't Believe The Weird Things These 21 Celebs Collect

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Even celebs like to collect stuff!

Most people collect something. It can be anything, from the classic stamp collection to a collection of vintage video game systems to maybe even antique perfume bottles. Whatever it is, there's something about collecting that the human brain seems to respond to on a visceral level -- it's kind of the reason Pokemon games have been so popular for so long. And wouldn't you know it -- when it comes to collecting things, your favorite celebrities are just like you and me. The only difference is (possibly since the resource pool they can devote to collecting these things is so much deeper), their tastes often run a bit...stranger than you and me. Some of the things celebs collect might seem downright bizarre. So do you know which celebs collect which weird things? Which celeb likes to collect daggers (this one tracks remarkably well with the person in question)? Which one likes vintage board games of old TV shows? How about which one is really into collecting Judean coins? Or which one is all about model railroad equipment? Or even which one is really into action figures...of themselves? Ready to hear about the 21 craziest celeb collections out there? Here you go. Get Started