29 Stars' Daughters Who Turned Out Hot (Or Not?)

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Wait, she's WHO'S daughter?

Hollywood has more than its fair share of beautiful people, whether they work in movies, television or the music industry - because it doesn't hurt to have talent AND looks when you're trying to get in the door. With all these beautiful people working together, it makes sense that they GET together, and even if they don't STAY together, they often make beautiful babies. These kids may constantly be in the spotlight (think the Kardashian-Jenner clan), or desperately try to stay out of it (Michael Jackson's daughter Paris has been notoriously private about her life until recent years). Often these kids follow in their parents' footsteps, like Emma Roberts (daughter of Eric), Billie Lourd (daughter of Carrie Fisher) and Zoe Kravitz (daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet) and try their hands at acting or music. This isn't limited to just the entertainment industry - beautiful and handsome people in sports often have simply gorgeous offspring. Wayne Gretzky was the GOAT when it came to hockey, but he was an OK-looking dude off the ice. Have you seen his daughter, though? Same with football legend Terry Bradshaw, whose daughter could be a model (she's a realtor).Even Hulk Hogan's daughter had her own successful reality TV show. Some of the ladies in this slideshow you didn't even KNOW had famous parents.

Here we round up some of the hottest celebrity daughters in modern history, and what they're up to as adults. Read on! Get Started