27 Surprising Celebrity Godparents And Their Famous Godchildren

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Who knew?

Let's keep it famous, shall we? It's no surprise that celebrities hobnob with each other. After all, it must be tough to mix with regular folks when your life mostly takes place in a bubble of riches, first-class travel and fame! But who knew so many celebrities had famous godparents - and were godparents themselves?

When choosing someone to guide and mentor their A-list offspring, famous parents naturally turn to their megawatt friends with whom they share so much in common. It is a life-time commitment; godparents are expected to be in regular contact with the family, to develop an independent relationship with their godchild, to contact the child separately and encourage them to reach out to the godparent for support and to never forget a birthday or special event in the child's life.

Who better to perform this role than a famous person with limitless resources and a personal assistant to remind them of important dates?! We kid. Somewhat.

Still, these godparent/godchild pairings will surprise you! Some of these duos may leave you wondering, "How do they even know each other?" Take a look at some of the most fascinating celeb godparents to the stars! Get Started