Here's Why People Think These 13 Celebs Are In The Illuminati

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Illuminati confirmed!

How do you really know you've made it as a celebrity? Is it a certain award, is it making your first million, or is it signing that first big deal? Maybe it's none of those things. Maybe you know you're officially a superstar when you get your invitation to join the Illuminati.

What is the Illuminati, exactly? Just a secret society made up of the richest and most powerful people in the world who secretly run everything while the rest of us live as ignorant sheeple under a fake government. Reasonable, right? There's more. Not only do the Illuminati control everything from governments to the entertainment and pharmaceutical industries, they also deploy subtle brainwashing tactics in the media. That's why they recruit so many celebrities.

Why are they brainwashing us? Some believe it's to make us the perfect slave society of consumers who will buy whatever they tell us to buy. Some believe it's to forward their satanic agenda, while other's believe it's a centuries-long plot to keep a select few people in control of most of the world's wealth and power. That's heavy, bro.

Even if the Illuminati is fake, the conspiracy stories are real -- as in, they exist. We'll start wading through the juiciest ones now. Get Started