29 Instagram Posts That Prove Celebrity Kids Are Definitely Not Like Us

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Lucky much?

Everyone knows the lives of the rich and famous are extra, even though the tabloids try to make us believe their day-to-day existence is just as mundane as ours. Newsflash: just because they pump gas doesn't mean they don't have personal trainers, chefs, stylists, chauffeurs and crap tons of money!

In many cases, they also have millions of Instagram followers. With whom they share personal moments of their lives. You know, like staying at the Waldorf Astoria, getting their hair did on-set of their latest TV project and looking glitzed up for a Hollywood awards ceremony.

And the high life isn't just for celebrities anymore - it's also for their kids! Not only does social media give us glimpses into the glamorous lives of the people who grace our magazine covers, it also lets us see how amazing their kids' lives are. Whether they're teenagers posting themselves, or tiny tots whose parents just can't resist sharing a snap of their child aboard a private jet, Instagram has proven, celebrity kids are nothing like us!

Which child sits front row NBA games? Fashion shows? Who has a personal dance and exercise studio in one of her four homes? Read on to find out! Get Started