29 Actors Who Shouldn't Have Won an Oscar

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Glenn Close was robbed. ROBBED!

The Academy Awards have honored a plethora of well-deserving actors and actresses over the years. Who could forget when Halle Berry stepped onto that stage in 2002 and became the first black woman in history to win Best Actress? (Side-note: She's still the only black woman to have won this award. Can we change that?) But despite getting it right so many times, the Oscars have also screwed up on more than one occasion. Every now and then, big-time producers push so hard for their movies to win awards that Oscar voters forget to vote for the movies and actors that are actually, you know, the best. Other times, voters just hand "career" Oscars to actors or actresses who have been nominated a gazillion times but have never won. Sometimes, they merely vote for the actor or actress who is most well-liked or has the most name recognition. (When all is said and done, Hollywood is above all else a popularity contest.) But thankfully, we've scoured the annals of Oscar history and handpicked the actors and actresses who should be forced to give up their Oscars. And no, this list does not include Marisa Tomei or Nicole Kidman or Renee Zellweger, who were terrific in their respective films and who absolutely deserve their Oscars. No, this is a list that begins with the highly overrated Meryl Streep. Get Started