29 Divorced Celebs Who Rebounded With Hotties

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Divorce, Schmivorce. Hotness awaits.

When a marriage goes south, it's no picnic. But for celebrities, the path to finding a new, even hotter man, seems to be a bit easier than for us regular folk. We'd bet big money there's no Tinder, no swiping, and probably not too many terrible blind dates and yet, voila! There they are, on the pages of the latest celebrity news magazine, frolicking with an uber-hunk just months, or even weeks, post-divorce.

So how do they make it look so easy? Well, they are celebrities for a reason, having to do with an excessive amount of beauty and/or talent (usually both). But perhaps more importantly, they know a lot of great-looking people! Living in Hollywood's rarefied universe, in which seemingly you must be a level 9+ in the hotness category to gain entry, celebrities are surrounded by above-average looking folks with whom to mix and mingle. No wonder they are twice as likely to divorce. With all that hotness within arm's reach, it's hard not to want to sample the goods.

While divorce is no laughing matter, these celebrities seem to be doing just fine, actually better since splitting with their exes. Take a look and see who rebounded with the hottest hunks! Get Started