29 Beloved Bands From The 2000s That Were Actually Terrible

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Admit it: you loved these blah bands.

People who were around in the 2000s (like me) love to talk about the trends we went through as adults and teens. But let's be honest: most of the bands we consider the greatest ever were actually pretty crappy. Whether it was over-produced pop groups (like Black Eyed Peas) weird electro-pop-rock (like 3OH!3) boring soft rock (like 3 Doors Down) nu-metal (like Korn) rap-metal (like Limp Bizkit) butt rock (like Creed) or just a pretentious indie band (like The Shins) that couldn't actually play, there was no short supply of terrible music in the '00s. Sure, you think most of it sounded good then. Maybe it was a different vibe... or maybe we all had terrible tastes that we will have to answer to God for. Who knows?

The 2000s were one of the worst eras for music. Because I promise you, all of the bands in this list are truly terrible. And you know what? I even liked some of these bands, and some of these songs. My guilt and my shame don't make the bands any more talented. So without further ado, here are the worst bands of the '00s. Which ones did you hate the most? Get Started