We Found Them: The 27 Worst Alternative-Music Bands Of All Time

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It has been scientifically proven.

You were told the following alternative-music bands were so cool, but none of them would know cool if they were naked at the North Pole. We all have friends who think they've got their finger on the pulse of what's hip. Everyone thinks they have good taste, but the odds are stacked against that actually being true. Let's examine the damning evidence. Do you remember when everyone thought rap-metal fusion was going to be the final word in edgy music? Let us know the last time you bought a Limp Bizkit album. The B-52s have enjoyed a long career as a party band with hits such as "Love Shack," but Fred Schneider's obnoxious vocal outbursts ruin almost every song the Georgia band made. The Sugarcubes had a similar problem with Björk's quirky voice in sharp contrast to her bandmate's grating rants. Nickelback was voted one of the worst bands of the 1990s, and they deserve it. The Red Hot Chili Peppers' brand of funky white-boy music seems painfully dated now. And don't get us started on the protracted jam sessions that pass as concerts by the Dave Matthews Band.

Other alternative-music bands that are actually lame include Coldplay, Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, Pearl Jam, Bush, Creed, Oasis, Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon, Phish, M83 and many more. Read on to have a laugh about other artists you were told were just too cool. Don't worry, your favorite band isn't on here. You know better. Get Started