You Won't Believe What These 31 British Musicians Look Like Now

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Whoa, these changes are crazy.

The United Kingdom has been kind of an outsized source relative to its population for famous artistic celebrities in America for as long as America has HAD recognizable famous artistic celebrities. From comedic films, to stage dramas, to some of the best rock and roll music ever, some of the most beloved artists of the 20th century (and beyond) are from the UK. We've always loved British stars, and so it's no surprise we'd know so many of them as household names. And a lot of them have been famous for A LONG time -- did you know The Rolling Stones started touring in the 1960s and are still going today? Or that Paul McCartney had a number one single in 1962 and another top five hit as recently as 2015? Or that Elton John had his first number one single all the way back in 1976? But what do some of the all-time British (and Scottish, and Irish, and Welsh) greats look like now? How have they changed? Which British stars have had their looks hold up and which haven't? Which ones look completely different and which ones look shockingly the same? Here are 31 classic UK stars, and you won't believe what they look like now. Get Started