You Won't Believe What These 31 Oscar Winners Look Like Now

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Whoa, these changes are crazy.

Which of these 31 oscar winners still look the same as when they won? The Academy Awards have been the premier movie awards show since they were first held in 1929. The Oscars were first broadcast on the radio the following year in 1930, and were then televised for the first time in 1953. They've been appointment TV ever since, and the other major awards shows for other fields -- the Grammy Awards for music, the Tony Awards for stage production, and the Emmy Awards for TV -- were all modeled after the Academy Awards. Meanwhile, the premier categories for the Oscars -- the acting awards -- have been there since the very beginning. Well, the Best Acting categories have; the Best Supporting Acting categories were added eight years into the show's existence. There have been a ton of actors and actresses who have won awards in those four categories in that time, and a whole lot of them are still alive and kicking. But what do those actors look like now compared to when they won their award(s)? Which actors and actresses have had their looks hold up and which haven't? Which ones look completely different and which ones look shockingly the same? Here are 31 Oscar-winning actors and actresses, and you won't believe what they look like now. Get Started
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