21 Movies Baby Boomers Love That Are Actually Terrible

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All of these are bad.

21 movies baby boomers love to pretend are awesome (that are not awesome). There have been a ton of movies since the advent of cinema, and every generation has had their own cinematic preferences. Early cinema had to be screamingly obvious and over-the-top with its emotions to communicate its ideas in the age before sound was added to films, and that carried over to the following generation (just watch Gone With the Wind and Vivien Leigh's desperate need to devour the scenery some time if you don't believe us). Later filmmaking thereafter developed its own conventions, some of which were better than others (remember the horrible omnipresence of CGI during the 1990s? Yikes). But while every generation has had its own filmmaking preferences, no generation has had more consistently bad taste than Baby Boomers. What a surprise, right? They have consistently and spectacularly bad taste in basically every other field of existence -- liking bad music, liking bad TV, boiling or steaming every vegetable, ruining the entire country and then blaming later generations for saying "hey, this country is broken" -- so there's no reason movies would be an exception to the general rule. So which movies that Baby Boomers desperately love are actually secretly really, really bad? Read on to find out. Get Started