What Was The Most Popular Movie In America The Year You Were Born?

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Can you guess what it might be?

Everyone loves the movies. Who doesn't enjoy settling in with a big bucket of popcorn and a soda, ready to see their favorite stars in the latest action movie, romantic comedy or Oscar-baiting drama? The movies offer a fun, two-hour-plus way to leave all your worries behind and enter the adventures of a whole different world. Sometimes, movies go beyond simple popular entertainment and become art forms in and of themselves. Sometimes movies like biopics or documentaries can even be educational. But any way you look at it, movies are big business.

Box office ticket sales haven't always been tracked (or tracked well), but today the box office results of the newest Marvel movie or action pic are tracked practically down to the penny. The typical target for a movie to become considered a "blockbuster" is when it passes $100 million in ticket sales at the box office. That's a LOT of money, but many star vehicles and superhero flicks make twice that. And let's not even consider what they make around the world in newly Westernized countries like China.

So let's look back and find out, what were the most popular, box-office earning movies in America that were released in the year YOU were born? You might be surprised! Get Started