27 Regular-Looking Dudes Who Landed Hot Celebrity Babes

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These couples reject "leagues."

27 gorgeous stars who kept it real by marrying reggo-looking guys. Sometimes, when you're having trouble finding someone to get all romantic-like with, your friends might have told you that you need to "stay in your own league." What does this mean, exactly? Well, it means (if we're being crass) that if you're a soft 6, and you have your sights set on a solid 9, you might end up disappointed. Womp wah.

But guess what? Looks aren't everything. They're something, sure, but what makes someone visually "attractive" to lots of people isn't the same thing as what makes someone attractive as a romantic partner. There's a sense of humor. There's an intelligence factor. There's that je ne sais quois that makes you go, "ah yes - this person is my person and I would like them to be my person forever." Someone can be attractive without being attractive, you know?

Along those lines, these Hollywood women ended up with guys who, while they're all perfectly cute, are just simply not in the same league as these world-class beauties. Their JOB is to be beautiful, so they're above and beyond the norm, while their husbands are just sort of...normal. If nothing else, let this list be an inspiration to you to reach for the stars...you just might end up married to one. Get Started
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