21 Celebs With Relatives Who Are The Worst

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Not ALL Kennedys are classy.

We all have that one relative we don't look forward to seeing around the holidays. You know, the one with the recent stint in rehab or the problematic views about, well, everything. But these 21 celebrities have it way worse than any of you. After all, they have to deal with the increased scrutiny that comes with being famous, so whenever their relative does something embarrassing, they can't keep it a secret. How would you feel if your Aunt Brenda embarrassed herself at Thanksgiving, but then the entire world was talking about it the next morning? That's what life is like for these 21 unfortunate famous people. While some of these celebs have relatives who were awful in the past, others have to deal with relatives dragging their name as part of their troubled downward spiral. (See: Mariah Carey's sister capitalizing on Mariah's fame in the WORST possible way.) Still, there are some celebs who have offered olive branches to their troubled relatives, despite it being against their better judgment. Click through to find out which stars have tried their best to forget about their children, siblings, and parents, and be glad (for once) that you're not famous! Get Started