Revealed: 31 Stars You Never Knew Adopted Kids

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Not everyone in Hollywood is selfish.

Few things are as noble as taking in someone else's child and raising them as one's own. And though the process is complicated both legally and emotionally, adoptions happen all the time - whether it's because one or both parents cannot bear their own children, or they just want to open their hearts and homes to a child whose parents can't or don't want to be a parent.

Adoption seems like it might be a fairly modern phenomenon, but in fact people have carried out adoptions since antiquity. Oftentimes the process was intended to strengthen political ties and form legal and economic bonds between wealthy families. However, in the Middle Ages, adoption fell out of favor as nobility would only recognize natural-born descendants as heirs. Many children were abandoned, which led the Catholic Church to institute early orphanages in which kids could be apprenticed or adopted out. This early system paved the way for modern adoption as we know it.

By the mid-1900s, adoption became an acceptable, even encouraged, way to create a family. Today we have several ways to adopt a child - a prospective parent may try to adopt a child from their own country, or one from a foreign country where they might not have as good of a life. Even in shallow and self-absorbed Hollywood, many celebrities have chosen either only to adopt, or build their families with adopted children. It's a beautiful thing, no? Let's see which stars have adopted children. Get Started