You Won't Believe What These 'Skin Tight' Stars Looked Like After Their Skin Surgeries

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These are completely new people.

These 29 people lost tons of weight, then had their extra skin removed. A lot of people with obesity work hard to lose weight, only to be faced with a new challenge: loose skin. The more weight a person loses, the more loose skin they suffer with. For some it's just a little pinch worth of skin at the sides. For others, it's inches and layers of loose, squishy skin that covers much of their bodies. Each person's skin heals differently after massive weight loss.

TLC has a show called Skin Tight where formerly obese people undergo a series of complicated surgeries with difficult healing phases in order to get the bodies they thought weight loss would give them. It's both women and men who go under the knife. They're guided through surgery by Dr. Nowzardan, whose face you probably recognize from the TLC show 'My 600 Pound Life.' He sees skin removal patients at the same Houston, Texas hospital where he treats patients who seek extreme weight loss.

Many of the cast members undergo the skin surgery to feel beautiful. As you flip through these astonishing before and after photos, you'll see that each person was beautiful all along. Take a stroll through these next-level transformations and use those feels to help power you through your own goals. Start Slideshow
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