40 And Fertile! 29 Celebs Pregnant Over 40

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These celeb moms have amazing wombs.

There must be something in the water. Hollywood's elite are known for "having it all" - hot careers, thick wallets, luxury cars, swoon-worthy homes. It seems we can add another thing to the list: the stunning ability to have babies, sometimes more than one, in their 40s!

From pop icons to Oscar winners, these ladies' wombs do not disappoint. Some celebs were able to have babies in their 40s au naturel, the old-fashioned way, without even planning; others went through multiple rounds of IVF and miscarriages to finally have their miracle babies. However their children arrived in this world, it's safe to say with the kids of these famous, rich moms will never want for anything.

Yep, these ladies of "advanced maternal age" (that is, over 35) continue to surprise us by beating the reproductive clock. Some say the celeb baby boom over 40 can be misleading for younger women by making it look easy to get pregnant post-40. Not to mention, us regular folks will never have the same boundless means for IVF and child-rearing help. But we prefer to marvel at the miracle of conceiving and bringing a healthy baby to term when society's general perception says, "No way!" Behold, these fabulous over 40 mamas. Get Started