33 Actors Who Haven't Done Anything In Years

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What happened to Mischa Barton??

Hollywood is a fickle industry, and careers can rise and fall in a matter of minutes. But it's always disappointing when one of your screen faves just disappears from the face of the Earth without any explanation. It may take a few years, but at some point you eventually wake up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat and a realization that you haven't seen Cameron Diaz on screen in years. And while these mysterious disappearances sometimes happen when an actor decides to retire, they also unfortunately happen when Hollywood just decides it's done with an actor forever. In Hollywood, a burnt bridge can be the end of a promising career -- and one wrong move can send an actor to the top of this list. And sometimes, that's not even the actor's fault. But it also doesn't help when an actor has a messy personal life, since that usually isn't a good look for the actor or for anyone involved with the actor's movies. Nevertheless, we have our fingers crossed that the 29+ actors on this list will eventually rebound and get their careers back on track -- if anything just to make our lives better. Get Started