Which 29 Stars Don't Drink? The Answer May Surprise You

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These celebs do not party hardy.

It's hard to believe in the glamorous, moneyed worlds of Hollywood and the music industry, where parties galore are the norm, that there are many celebrities who choose not to partake in the main beverage of these swank social events. But there are many who don't touch the stuff.

Whether they have abstained their whole lives, dabbled as a teen, or struggled with substance issues for years, these celebrities are now 100% clean and sober. One of them even brought a "sober coach" for support to the Oscars! We can't blame them, in a high-profile, competitive world where money is no object and drinks and parties are everywhere, it must be tough at times to keep one's indulgences to a minimum.

Some have struggled publicly with stints in rehab, others hit rock bottom moment or had an epiphany early in their career that let them know they would never be successful or have a workable life if they continued drinking. And some, believe it or not, have never even had the desire to have a drop! Read on to find out which celebrities toast the New Year with nonalcoholic punch and (probably) never wake up regretting all their decisions from the night before. Get Started