27 Biopics That Totally Lied To Your Face

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Abraham Lincoln said THAT??

It is a truth universally acknowledged that movies are usually fake. Somewhere between their big budgets, their desire for Oscars, and their desperate need to entertain people, movies tend to make narrative leaps that test the boundaries of realism. And guess what? Biopics are no different. Hollywood would be down a lot of commercially successful films if it were to suddenly make a commitment to telling all of its true stories in a realistic, straightforward way. That would involve sharing all the darkest, grittiest details about their subjects, and think about it: Would you ever want to go to the movies if all the biopics you saw were depressing AF? No one ever wants to find out their national heroes are actually monsters. But here we are. We've combed the bowels of Hollywood's history and picked out the most egregious examples of biopics that omitted facts about their subjects to make them look better. And naturally, the list of glossed-over atrocities comprises everything from torrid affairs to extreme racism. Be prepared, though: Some of your childhood heroes will be on this list. Hollywood loves making famous historical figures look amazing, and it turns out these movies left out a LOT of shocking details about their supposedly heroic subjects. Just wait until you get to #17! Get Started