You Won't Believe All The Crazy Things Stars Did In 2017

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Our jaws literally dropped.

You'd think with all the publicists, managers, assistants and handlers celebrities have, they'd have exactly zero reasons to make headlines for anything other than what makes them famous: acting, singing, sports, what have you. But no, it never fails that year after year, stars do things that land them in the news for anything but -- whether it's someone putting their foot in their mouth on social media, or fighting with a fan, or ranting at the police. You'd think someone around these stars would be all, "DON'T DO THAT!" but either those people aren't saying it, or those stars ain't listening. And then there were the awful last few months of the year, when dirty revelations of what some people in power have done over the years came to light and made us all want to take a long, hot shower.

Not all stars make headlines for the wrong reasons, though. Look at Alyssa Milano, who came forward after the Harvey Weinstein scandal erupted to encourage people to speak out as one voice against victimization. The #metoo social media movement blew up after she posted the hashtag on Twitter, and 24 hours later it had been tweeted a half million times. Beyonce's pregnancy announcement on Instagram became the year's most-liked image. Kristen Stewart used her Saturday Night Live monologue to declare she was gay once and for all, and Jimmy Fallon totally won at hosting the Golden Globes after his teleprompter failed.

Let's look back at the year that was 2017 at the craziest moments the stars gave us! Get Started