The 33 Worst People Of 2017

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It was almost hard to keep up with the news in 2017. We saw an endless list of people get accused of being predators or criminals, all our favorite actors let us down, and politicians were having a competition among themselves to see which party could create the worst human beings. You could scarcely glance at a newspaper or a magazine, much less look at Twitter or Facebook, without seeing some horrifying news smeared across the front pages and top of our news feeds. If 2016 was the year of great loss of beloved entertainers, artists, celebrities, actors, musicians, and singers, then 2017 was the year of great loss too. We lost the good views we had of people.

So yeah, men basically can't be trusted (and most of the people on this list are men) and everything is terrible in the world right now. No one is immune to these charges at all. And other people are just terrible in other ways: whether by using racial slurs, enslaving an entire country of people, or just being jerks to fellow human beings. Who else do you think belongs in this slideshow? Try being nice to people... or maybe you'll be on this list next year! Get Started