29 Surprising Stars Who Finally Came Out Of The Closet

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Their true colors shine through.

There are many reasons why stars remain in the proverbial closet, and there are many more of them than you realize. Most feel pressure that they will pigeonholed or career options will be limited if they are out and proud. Would America accept a classic superhero like Superman or Batman who is played by an openly gay actor? Will that rom-com sweetheart get the same box office results if the world knew she wasn't sexually attracted to men? In Hollywood, it comes down to money. Studio bean counters may not roll the dice on a gay star as a lead because they might hurt the bottom line. All of this has kept most of the industry's biggest gay stars in the closet... but not all of them.

It's time to applaud the brave actors, singers and other public figures who have decided that being truthful to the world about who they are is preferable to living a lie. Jodie Foster finally came out of the closet when she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 2013. Teenage girls wanted to be Kristen Stewart when she was dating Twilight star Robert Pattinson, but she now seems very happy to be romantically involved with a woman. Matt Bomer looks like Superman, and it turns out he's been married to a man for years. Ricky Martin sang songs like "She Bangs," but he's actually not into banging women at all. Other stars featured in this slideshow who have come out of the closet after years of speculation include Wentworth Miller, Kevin Spacey, Sarah Paulson, Anderson Cooper, Colton Haynes, Barry Manilow, Aaron Carter and many more. Get Started