27 Celebs Who Trolled The Paparazzi ... And Won

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Daniel Radcliffe really showed 'em!

Being famous looks like fun, but it would probably be annoying to get dogged by cameramen every time you step outside. Sometimes, you just want to go out without worrying if Perez Hilton will draw on your face later. Paparazzi are notoriously persistent, and will go so far as to lunge at toddlers and stalk families across entire cities in order to get the shots they want. It's easy to think of them as Hollywood bottom-feeders, lurking in the shadows until they glimpse their prey. Honestly, it's not hard to understand why celebrities like Kate Moss, Russell Brand, and Kanye West have found themselves in hot water for attacking the paparazzi. Some, like Gerard Butler and Alec Baldwin, have even punched them. Hugh Grant once kicked a particularly poor paparazzo in the groin. Still, some celebs opt to treat their game of cat and mouse with the paparazzi as an actual game rather than as a fight to the death. Sure, they might be annoyed AF, but they also want to stay out of their local correctional institution just as much as non-famous people. Check out these 27 celebs who found expert ways to prank the paparazzi and get back at them for years of harassment. Get Started