27 Stars With Secret Babies

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Ray Charles had SO MANY secret kids.

You won't believe which 27 stars have secret kids. Throw a rock in Hollywood and you'll hit a famous guy who cheated on his significant other. The best part is when those dalliances end up producing secret love children -- especially when the secret gets out! Throughout history, celebrities have tried every possible method of hiding their accidental offspring from the cold, unfeeling gaze of media vultures ... but somehow, someone always finds out. It doesn't matter if the celebrity used every form of bribery available. He could even have the FBI put his kid in witness protection and the Internet's gossip blog bloodhounds would still catch wind of the scandal. For example, peep these poor souls who naively thought they could get away with hiding their break babies and love children from the world. You'll be surprised at just how many famous people there are who tried to hide the fruits of their loins in the pantry, so to speak. Some of these guys even refused to acknowledge their own children until their paternity tests went public! Who needs Maury when you have a wronged ex-lover with access to TMZ? Still, we haven't entirely lost faith in humanity. In some of these cases, there's a happy ending! Get Started
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