19 Surprising Stars Who Put On Weight For Movie Roles

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You won't believe which 19 stars packed on the pounds for art. Forget what you've heard about "thin is in" and actors who starve themselves to look good on camera. Whether we're talking about muscle or fat, the following 19 actors had to pack on the pounds to play certain characters. Christian Bale, for example, has starved himself to look emaciated for his role in The Machinist, but he had to build up muscles to play Batman only to get a jelly belly years later for his role American Hustle. You've seen Jared Leto drop an alarming amount of weight for Dallas Buyers Club, but did you know that he purposely fattened up to play Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27? Rob McElhenney thought it would be funny for his It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia character to look worse every season, so that's exactly what he set out to do by gaining more and more weight. Charlize Theron put on weight and threw glamour out the window to play Aileen Wuornos in Monster, and she won an Oscar for her efforts. And don't forget about Mark Wahlberg, who although always a beefcake had to pack on even more muscle to play a body builder in Pain & Gain.

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