23 Book-To-Movie Adaptations That Never Should Have Been Made

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How do you mess up The Great Gatsby?

Just read the book: 23 janky movie adaptations of great novels. A lot of great movies are based on novels or short stories -- but for every Godfather, there's a Scarlet Letter waiting in the wings to ruin everyone's fun. How did these directors manage to totally destroy these movie adaptations? They read the same books we did, right? Actually, maybe that's the problem: Maybe these plebeians didn't read the books at all. Maybe the director of The Great Gatsby just looked at the book jacket, thought the cover art was cool, and decided to make an annoying movie about rich people. Maybe the director of The Cat in the Hat was too lazy to read the original story again and just made his movie based on everything he remembered from it (i.e. the words "cat" and "hat.") Seriously, a lot of these book adaptations are the types of trash you'd watch in English class when your teacher has a hang-over and forgot to give your substitute a decent lesson plan. Truly, these are a blight on American culture. So if you're a fan of schadenfreude or if you hate classic literature, then check out these 19 egregious examples of movies that totally failed their source material. Get Started
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