You Won't Believe What These 21 'MasterChef US' Contestants Look Like Now

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You won't believe some of these.

What happened to these 21 'masterchef US' stars will shock you. MasterChef US is one of the most successful cooking shows on TV, and for good reason. We may make fun of MasterChef US's tendency to overplay drama (HARD), and the judges' so-constant-we-honestly-wonder-if-they-cash-a-check-every-time-they-say-it usage of the phrase "the dreaded pressure test," but they're the ones laughing all the way to the (ratings) bank considering we're still watching the show religiously. Who's the bigger fool, the fool who makes the enormously dorky TV show, or the fool who can't stop watching that enormously dorky TV show? The viewers. It's totally the viewers. Anyway, MasterChef US has been running for eight seasons now, and MasterChef US Junior for five. Given that, there's a whole lot of contestants between both shows' histories. We're not just talking winners like Luca Manfe, Christine Ha, Alexander Weiss, or Courtney Lapresi, either -- there are plenty of extremely memorable losing contestants like Jessie Lysiak, Leslie Gilliams, Dara Yu, and Natasha Crnjac. The judges' looks have changed dramatically -- while Gordon Ramsay is pretty much always going to look like Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliott's later seasons look nothing like his earlier ones. The same applies to a lot of contestants, so you won't believe what some of them look like now. Here are 21 then-and-now photos of the stars of MasterChef US. Get Started