15 Celebrity Mysteries That Have Us Stumped

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Wait, so how old IS Lorde?

Plenty of people have investigated Jack the Ripper and the Loch Ness Monster, but there's a deep well of pop culture mysteries just waiting to be tapped by the right citizen. Like, sure, we're glad that journalists regularly investigate things like government corruption and the failures of capitalism or whatever, but why hasn't anyone investigated what happened in that elevator with Beyonce? It's like the media doesn't even care that some of us wake up at 4 AM with cold sweats and a pressing need to know why Solange was so mad. We understand that some of these mysteries have little to no leads -- see: the lack of solid evidence supporting that Lorde is, in fact, a middle-aged woman -- but that's no excuse for laziness. Did Nancy Drew ever give up when she didn't have any leads? What about the kids in Riverdale? Like, if actual children are solving complex mysteries, but we can't figure out what happened in a public elevator for ten seconds, then we're playing ourselves. All we can hope is that some intrepid researcher out there stumbles upon this article and realizes just how many urgent questions are awaiting the world's attention. Check out these 15 unsolved Hollywood mysteries if you think that hero might be you. Get Started