31 Former Stars Who Have Surprisingly Normal Jobs Now

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You won't believe where they are now.

Hollywood has tons of big names constantly cycling through it at near sublight speeds. Some of them (hi, Denzel Washington) stick around for forever, but a lot of them see stardom which lives the life of a mayfly, shining briefly, then vanishing. We bet you've forgotten about a lot of stars who used to be famous, then just...disappeared. You probably thought they aren't alive any more -- that's the standard reaction. But Phoebe Cates, Amanda Bynes, Mara Wilson, and Jack Gleeson are all doing just fine; they're just not doing the same sorts of work they used to. We bet you won't believe which one is a writer and which one is working to become a philosophy professor.

A surprising number of former stars are working shockingly ordinary, everyday gigs now. They're not acting, they're not even really trying to act, most of them -- they're just...doing work. Like, ordinary people work, such as you or I might do. Former celebs; they too are humans! Shocking, right? OK, obviously it should not actually be that shocking, but come on, we're only human here.

Do you wonder where these former big names are now? You won't believe it when you find out; we sure didn't. Here are 31 of them. Get Started