31 Bands Baby Boomers Love That Are Actually Terrible

"Classic" doesn't mean "good."

31 terrible bands baby boomers think are awesome. Baby Boomers love to talk about how great the music of their generation was, and how terrible every song released since 1973 really is. Actually, the trick is getting a Baby Boomer to STOP talking about music, because once they get going, they're like the boulder from Raiders of the Lost Ark. But let's be honest: most of the bands they consider the greatest ever were actually pretty crappy. The Beach Boys were like a barbershop quartet with a fetish for cars that sailed way past the border of creepy. We pretend Buddy Holly was great because his plane went down before we had a chance to realize he actually sucked. Bob Dylan sounded (and still sounds) like his vocal cords are being attacked mid-song by an irate wolverine. Simon & Garfunkel wouldn't know a beat if you clobbered them over the head with it. Elton John genuinely appeared to be making up the lyrics to every song as he was singing it. And don't even get me started on The Beatles. Being "classic" doesn't make it good. So which are the worst of the worst? Well, all of them, really, but here are 31 of bands Boomers love that are actually #Bad.

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